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Polly Graham

The Emperor of Atlantis 

by Viktor Ullmann and Peter Kien 

adapted from a translation by Max Hoehn with additional devised material by the company

new orchestration by Timothy Burke for Chroma Ensemble


13 - 20. 9. 2019 @ 19:45

Bold Tendencies' Straw Bale Theatre


15 & 16. 9. 2018 @ 19:30

Bold Tendencies' Straw Bale Theatre

Two tramps discuss the state of the world. One is an out of work clown, the other is Death. The power-mad Emperor of Atlantis has discovered mechanised weapons and has declared a war that is to have no survivors. Death, out raged at this announcment and feeling usurped, goes on strike. The war begins, people are wounded but no one can die. Pain, suffering and love are left. But who wants existence to last forever? Can Death strike a deal with the Kaiser to restore the natural order?

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Creative Team

Polly Graham, Stage Director

Tim Burke, Music Director

Nate Gibson, Production Design

James Doyle Roberts, Movement Director

Production photos by Richard Lakos/The Other Richard


Tom Randle

Peter Brathwaite

Chiara Vinci

Matthew Buswell

Lilly Papaioannou

Bold Tendencies
7th - 10th Floors Multi-Storey Car Park
95a Rye Lane
SE15 4TG
United Kingdom

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