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Polly Graham

Atlantis R&D

The Emporer of Atlantis by Victor Ullmann


Pier, Penarth Seafront | Grangetown Bowls Pavilion | Delicatesy Miś

Two tramps discuss the state of the world. One is an out of work clown, the other is Death. The power-mad Emperor of Atlantis has discovered mechanised weapons and has declared a war that is to have no survivors. Death, out raged at this announcment and feeling usurped, goes on strike. The war begins, people are wounded but no one can die. Pain, suffering and love are left. But who wants existence to last forever? Can Death strike a deal with the Kaiser to restore the natural order? 

Supported by Independent Opera

Creative Team

Polly Graham, Stage Director

Tim Burke, Music Director

James Doyle Roberts, Movement Director

Jorge Lizalde, Production Photos


Oscar Castellino

Lucy Mellors

Rhodri Jones

Harry Bone, Percussion

Aine Mcglaughlin, Accordion

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